Nota's van juli 2019

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    J.P. Slegtenhorst


    In July I was in Miskolc for a treatment to get 2 bridges in the upper jaw. This went all satisfactorily.
    I now have a problem with the insurance.
    We payed 2 times half of what the brigdes cost and in both invoice is mentioned that the note is for 9 elements.
    In fact it is the half price of the 9 elements.

    Now the insurance ask if you could send them (through us) a new invoice for the complete treatment and a note that explains that this invoice is for 9 elements and the technical issues.
    In this way they will pay us back, because now they think it is about 18 elements.

    Thank you in advance.

    J.P (Paul) Slegtenhorst

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    Fresh24 Dental

    Dear Paul,

    Thanks for your question. Please contact us at! Our colleagues are glad to help you.

    Best regards,

    Fresh24Dental Miskolc

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