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    Lilly Baty

    Hello…Dr Nora?

    I live in the United States and am thinking about coming there for some dental work. I need 3 crowns
    and a bridge for one tooth. I see that you do crowns, but can’t find any information on bridges. If you do
    them, how much do they cost approximately?

    Can I get all this done at your location?

    Thank you,


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    Fresh24 Dental

    Hi Lily,

    Thanks for your message.

    Crowns and bridges also available in our dental office. They are made of metal-porcelain (appr. 30 000 HUF/pcs.) or zirconium (appr. 55 000 HUF/pcs.). Metal-porcelain crowns have high aesthetic quality but zirconium crowns have the most realistic appearance.

    Our offices are well equipped with all necessary diagnostic tools so we can care for you fully at one place.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 🙂

2 bejegyzés megtekintése - 1-2 / 2
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