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  • José Maas
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    Dear Sirs,

    You clinic came to my attention because my friend Christina Slegtenhorst has made an appointment on the 15th July for the beginning of making a bridge.

    For me I would like to come with her and make an appointment via e-mail at the same day and time or just after her appointment on the same day. I need full protheses, for upper and lower jaw. In the lower jaw are still 11 elements there, which will need to be pulled out. I would like to realize this all during my holiday in Hungary. We are staying with the Slegtenhorst family from 14th July untill 9th August.

    Thank you in advance for your attention and I am waiting for you reply.

    Kind regards,
    José Maas

    Fresh24 DentalFresh24 Dental
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    Dear José,

    Thanks for your question!
    Of course we can give you an appointment at 15th July 11AM.
    In addition we have to inform you that the volume of necessary work is so enormous that we can make the tooth extraction and the temporary prothesis only in your stay.
    After pulling the teeth out, it had to gone a six-week waiting period to make the permanent prothesis securely (the bone and soft tissues have to be ready for the surgery).
    Please take into consideration this time interval, you should visit us six weeks after the tooth extraction to make the permanent prothesis – which is need one week again.
    Best regards,

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2 bejegyzés megtekintése - 1-2 / 2
Hozzászólás: Appointment information request for full protheses
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